Service Desk Plus 9228. Nueva actualización con mejoras.

by Administrator 4. October 2016 12:35
New features in 9228 (Released on: 29 September 2016)
  • SDF-63023 : Service Catalog can now be obtained as an Add-on for Standard edition.
  • SDF-63419, SD-61445 : Field and Form Rules Enhancements:
    • Ability to copy rules to multiple templates
    • Action to add/remove options from the Pick List field through UI (except Site & Group fields)
    • Action to set values for fields through UI
    • Action to remove the value of fields
    • The introduction of "Email Id(s) to Notify" field
    • The Resource section is hidden when all the questions are hidden
    • Support to access Requester details through scripts
  • SDF-63168 : Option to set Response time for a Service Request and Actions to be taken on escalation of that Request. This is available under Admin>> Helpdesk Customizer>> Service Catalog>> Manage>>Service Level Agreements.
  • SDF-60845 : REST API has been provided for Projects and Milestones.
  • SDF-63812 : Purchase request feature is available in "professional edition".
  • SDF-62965 : Tools action integration between SDP and Desktop Central - Ability to restart, lock, wake on LAN, hibernate, shutdown, initiate chat and view system manager of Windows machines from the machine's details page or request details page if SDP is integrated with Desktop Central.
  • SDF-61108 : Option to 'Search' in all select boxes in 'Request' module.
  • SDF-63576 : Option to add 'Downtime' variable in all Change Notification Templates.
  • SDF-49499 : Option to view Project based Reports has been provided under Reports tab
  • SDF-61158 : Doctool Enhancements:
    • Grey themed UI
    • Operation search and Attribute search
    • 'Group>>Entity>>Operation' Hierarchy in Table of Contents
    • 'Sample response' output for every operation
  • SDF-57541, SDF-62275: Product can receive notifications related to region-specific announcements and events, new build releases and upcoming features for SDAdmin technicians.
Behaviour changed in 9228
  • SD-51789 : Access permission 'Add' and 'delete' Projects has been provided for a project member who can view Associated Projects.
  • SD-62884 : API version tag is included in failure response of operations in API(XML format only).
  • SDF-61108 : 'Select boxes' have been optimized for better search through out Request module. If the Picklist entries exceed 4000, then Picklist field will load slowly in IE browser.
  • Change Notification Rules:
    • The variables Review ($Review), Change Roles ($ChangeRoles) and individual change roles ($ChangeOwner, $ChangeManager, ..... ) are made common to all type of notifications and will be present in content only.
    • Requested By ($InitiatedBy) is removed from all type of notifications.
    • In "Alert Change Manager, Change Owner, Change Approver, CAB members by Email when any Recommendation is taken on change" notification:
    • Unused variables namely Resolution ($Resolution) and Technician ($Technician) have been removed.
    • The variables Stage ($StageName), Roll Out Plan ($RollOut), Checklist ($CheckList), SLA Name ($SLAName) have been added
    • The variable Old Status ($Status) is replaced with Status ($StatusName)
    • The variable CAB Approval - Submitter ($Submitter) is added to the notification "Submitting a change for recommendation to CAB".
Issues Fixed in 9228:


  • SD-63497 : Solution suggestions popup dislocated while creating a new request.
  • SD-63876 : When external images and inline images are present in a description and if the src attribute immediately follows the img tag for the external images, then the content between these images will be lost. ( i.e <img src='image' is an issue but <img height='50' src='image' is not an issue)
  • SD-30943 : Empty page rendered on login for technician without permission to access technician availablity chart.
  • SD-62349 : Custom on hold status doesn't change to open while replying from requester's login.
  • SD-63163 : Not able to add inline images in Admin, Product description field.
  • SD-62666 : Additional line spaces occuring in reply window for default reply template content.
  • SD-62691 : Custom trigger is not executed when a request created by API.
  • SD-63310 : 'Tab' key functionality for moving to next row fields while creating/editing/viewing Request does not work as per its behavior.
  • SD-63389 : Rules and subsequent rules are not applied for Requester login when the rule contains a text type field that is not added for a Requester.
  • SD-62067 : Task configured in Default template is not added to the Request created.
  • SD-49256, SD-62614, SD-62317, SD-62735 : Issue while importing Requests, with field values containing special characters.
  • SD-44732 : The case sensitive parsing issue has been fixed. Introduced an Email Command Parser that identifies parse string in a case-insensitive manner.
  • SD-63469 : Issue in 'contains' search, in default search of Request module.
  • SD-63296 : Status of the Request moves to 'Closed' when only one of the tasks gets closed instead of all tasks, violating the behavior of closing rules.
  • SD-63426 : Notification is triggered to the Technician of the Request stating that all the tasks has been completed although some tasks are left open.
  • SD-62487 : After entering the requester name in requester field, blank page gets loaded in Incident form while changing the template.
  • SD-62820 : Overdue Request in Request summary widget label is shown wrongly as Overdue Task in Dashboard.
  • SD-63280,SD-63281,SD-63282,SD-63283 : Able to access non-permissible functionalities by a low privileged user under Request module.
  • SD-62773 : When 'Notify Requester when a Request is appended with Technician's reply by e-mail' is enabled, then the Requester gets a copy of the mail sent by him, if the Requester is a Technician.
  • SD-63495 : Requests which are not assigned with any technicians are still shown as "Unassigned" (in English) even in other languages when viewed in request list view.
  • SD-62878 : Error while creating/updating a Request on behalf of a Requester, if the Requester name contains special characters.
  • SD-57160 : In Incident SLA, Response time and Resolution time are validated by site based operational hours.
  • SD-62558 : Although 'Column' and 'Criteria' are selected, wrong alert message gets displayed in Request custom view.
  • SD-62737 : Date additional field is tracked as 'long' format instead of 'date' value in the Request history.
  • SD-63376 : Response time gets calculated even after a Request's status is changed as 'Closed'.
  • SD-63462 : Request updates does not get captured in the history if size of the Request description is greater than 64kb.
  • SD-63293 : Unable to view conversation for Notification sent on closing a Request.
  • SD-51213 : Unable to insert approval link $ApprovalLink to a text in approval mail.
  • SD-63183 : Unwanted Alert message gets popped up while clicking 'Create a Service Request'.
  • SD-64055 : Business Rule does not get executed when stages are configured in a Service Template work flow using Service Catalog.


  • SD-63203 : Unable to send approval mail to the email id which is already included in a stage.
  • SD-61258 : Proper Info message is not provided when roles are not configured in Change Roles tab in Change Template.
  • SD-61267 : Wrong info message 'Change Details saved successfully' is shown instead of 'Change Details and Change Roles saved successfully'.
  • SD-61382 : Able to view Notification rules in Change tab by a Technician with no Admin privileges.
  • SD-61807 : $Reviewer does not get replaced with its intended content. Instead it is replaced with $Review Content in 'Change' Notification content.
  • SD-62088 : Unable to add 'Change closure code' and comments in IE9 via non-login access.
  • SD-63039 : Vulnerability while updating/deleting Change workflow.
  • SD-63040 : Vulnerability while trying to delete Change Template.
  • SD-63304 : Unable to edit the start time and end time for Change down time using inline edit.
  • SD-63324 : Cursor focus does not get focused into comments text box during change recommendation.
  • SD-63879 : Unable to choose content variable for Notification message under Admin > Change Management > Stage and Status
  • SD-63687 : Non login url appears blank while accessing a Change Request, after a completion of change.


  • SD-53196 : Project module disabled, but Project role is shown in Requester details page in Standard edition.
  • SD-61171 : Error while trying to view Project Gantt View after exporting as PDF.


  • SD-60658 : Issue while importing Date field values in Solutions using XLS.
  • SD-62158 : Solution status does not get changed automatically to "Unapproved" when Adding/Removing attachment from the solution.


  • SD-62835 : "Installed on" column value is not proper date format when the list view under Installations tab in software details page is exported.
  • SD-62970 : Exception while changing requester as technician in AE Remote server
  • SD-63169 : Software licenses received from PO shows Internal ID as PO number in its details page.
  • SD-63332 : Unable to search assets with partial name in "Add Relationships" popup.
  • SD-63704 : List view option not displayed under relationships tab of CIs for non-SDAdmin technicians.
  • SD-62209 : Vulnerability in scanned XML file

Purchase & Contract

  • SD-63554 : The text "Contracts which have expired in the last 30 days" has been changed to "Contracts which have expired in the last 7 days" under contract summary in Home/Dashboard tab.


  • SD-62963 : 'Change old status' and 'Migrate to new status' options have been removed from admin details page and left navigation options.
  • SD-56449 : When for a Requester, the password is changed in CSV and the Requester is imported back in ServiceDesk Plus, the password is not reset.
  • SD-60518 : If Priority name is long, then while sorting, it is shown twice (actual value + trimmed value) in the list view. This has been corrected to show only the actual value.
  • SD-63027 : Issue while importing Requesters via CSV through schedule.
  • SD-63263 : Groups belonging to custom sites are not getting listed while configuring the "Allow Exception" rule under the Data Archiving Section.
  • SD-63089, SD-63473 : Unable to access the Survey URL by a user with role other than 'SDAdmin' and 'SDGuest'.
  • SD-45970 : Questions and answers are not sorted alphabetically under Service Template>> Add Resources
  • SD-62508 : Order of Escalation time does not get sorted, when Incident SLA is created with 'Escalate before' and 'Escalate after' options.
  • SD-61977, SD-62533, SD-62910 : Typo error in the phrase 'Choose Technicians' under Admin -> Notification Rules.
  • SD-62905 : Tabs freeze/get highlighted when switched from Requester Tab to Field and Form Rules Tab while updating Service catalog.
  • SD-61266 : Unauthorized access to Change Template's Configuration Wizard by SDSiteAdmin.
  • SD-63703 : Unable to add widget's names using Non-English Languages in 'Customize self service portal settings'.


  • SD-62734 : Exception occurs when Tabular Custom Report is generated for all Workstations and Servers.
  • SD-62946 : Request Description field gets truncated to 500 characters when Custom Report is generated.
  • SD-63171 : In report stability settings , 'top 50000' has been added in all queries after the keyword 'select'. If the query contains 'distinct', top 50000 is added between 'select' and 'distinct'.
  • SD-63234 : Multiple columns get merged into one while exporting a Report as XLS file.
  • SD-61576 : Option to add Description field in Custom reports of Projects module.
  • SD-61642 : Decimal field values displayed with currency symbol in Reports.
  • SD-63627 : Unable to generate reports when a non-string based entry is used as 'group by column' in stacked charts.
  • SD-62956 : Unable to view chart in the graph view for certain Reports when maximum limit (default of 18 columns) is reached.


  • SD-62549 : Performance optimized while fetching meta data for JIRA fields from server, when large number of projects are configured in JIRA.


  • SD-63030 : Issue in updating last modified time under 'Problems' module.
  • SD-63713 : Vulnerability in adding notes for 'Problems'.


  • SD-43173 : Unable to view day and date on scrolling, when the Technician count increases in Technician availability chart.
  • SD-62650 : Technician unavailability is marked incorrectly when the Leave period contains Daylight Saving Time transition period.
  • SD-63516 : Unable to view Tasks through Dashboard and 'My Tasks' in Home page in some scenarios.


  • SD-62613 : Exception occurs when Custom Trigger is scheduled to timeout in 30 seconds. It has now been increased to 60 seconds
  • SD-62832 : Translation related issue fixed in Danish language.
  • SD-62618 : Able to update Service Category of the Service Request through API.
  • SD-63227,SD-63213 : Reflected XSS vulnerability issue.
  • SD-63655 : Unable to login to the ServiceDesk Plus application using mobile client (/mc), when the domain name is typed in lowercase.
  • SD-63471 : When a Reply notification with multiple lines is sent with plain text formatting, notification content are shown in a single line.
  • SD-63708,SD-63226 : Attachment name is empty/displayed with only file type in non English characters file.
  • SD-63549 : Error occurs and worklog list view is shown as a blank page randomly.
  • SD-63583 : Upgrade will be marked as failed if 'Access Denied' error occurs when patch is applied.



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