Manage Engine Exchange Reporter Plus 5121

by Administrator 9. February 2016 08:19

Nuevo update que incluye:

Mailbox Auto Reply Status Report: Displays the status for automatic Out-Of-Office reply for all mailboxes and shows whether automatic reply is enabled, disabled or scheduled.

Unread Mails Report: Shows the unread email count for each mailbox and displays the top 10 mailboxes with most number of unread emails.

Exchange Monitoring: Consists of various features that perform detailed monitoring of Exchange Server and provide relevant reports.

  • Monitoring Overview: Summarizes the parameters that define functionalities across key Exchange components such as Database Availability Groups (DAGs), Servers Roles such as Client Access Role, Mailbox Role, etc., and Databases.
  • DAG Monitoring Reports: Provides information on Replication Health and Database Copy Status.
  • Server Monitoring Reports:�Monitors the functioning of various roles of the Exchange Server and reports parameters such as Service Health, Mailbox Replication Health, IMAP Connectivity, etc.
Database Monitoring Reports: Provides details on Exchange Search Health and MAPI Connectivity.


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