Nuevo firmware Monarch HD

by Administrator 10. December 2013 08:49

Nuevo firmware enfocado a mejorar la estabilidad del sistema. Testado Smile

Matrox Monarch HD Firmware Updater v1.1.2.191

(November 27, 2013, 188 MB)

This utility updates the firmware on a Matrox Monarch HD device that is on the same network subnet as your computer. If you have multiple Monarch HD devices on the network, add the IP address for every device in the Matrox Monarch HD Firmware Updater and all Monarch HD devices will be updated in series.

Firmware version provides the following:

Support for recording to a Mac OS shared network folder.

Improved streaming-quality reliability.

Optimization of Command Center and Monarch HD LED behavior.

Improved HDMI input/output connectivity to fix video/audio issues.

Fixes audio-loss and audio/video-synchronization issues when recording and streaming.

Improved Monarch HD hardware stability.

Improved connectivity with CDNs.

A new HTTP-based Control API for Monarch HD. This allows users and system integrators to create their own control software to start/stop streaming and recording, and get the status of the Monarch HD device.

Supported operating system:

Microsoft Windows 7


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