Manage Engine Service Desk Plus build 9412

by Administrator 6. July 2018 09:42

Correcciones, cambios de comportamiento y nuevas funcionalidades!

Cambios de comportamiento en la versión 9412:

  • SD-70724 : Actionable items in the Admin module are moved to the left side.
  • SD-70728 : ‘Add new form’ in business rule, SLA, custom filter has a revamped UI.
  • SD-71104 : Community tab is hidden for technicians (non-admins).
  • SD-71646 : Item price is mandated in purchase requests.
  • SD-56821 : Links displayed for Project Title, Tasks, Milestones in the Associate Project pop-up in requests are removed.
  • SD-71027 : “More Fields” button is removed in the New project form.
Nuevas funcionalidades
  • Privacy settings enhancement:

    • Encryption At Rest for sensitive data: Option to encrypt the confidential information collected in Incident/Service Additional Fields. Single or Multi-line and Pick List fields can be encrypted. Click here to know more.
    • Password protected backup data: The application backup is now protected with a password. The password is required to open the backup file / restore it. This password can be changed in the Admin-> Backup schedule page. click Edit Scheduling and input the backup password to change the backup password.
    • Anonymize deleted users: Option to anonymize deleted users from the Requesters list. Click here to know more.
    • Limitation :
      Reports, advanced search, custom filters will not display any of the encrypted fields.
      The MasterKey password cannot include non-English characters.
  • SDF-71766 : Password Manager Pro Integration: Option to remotely access privileged accounts in target machines (or resources) from within ServiceDesk Plus without account credentials. Find the feature at Admin >> General Settings >> ME Integrations. Click here to know more.
  • SDF-71759 : Do more with V3 API: Now you can perform the following operations using the V3 API: ADD, UPDATE, GET, GET ALL, DELETE, CLOSE requests. Add Resolution, pickup requests, associate requests, and link requests.
  • SDF-21131 , SDF-22400 , SDF-24334 , SDF-61555 : Enhanced Survey – Some of the enhancements include,

    Option to:

    • Configure different survey templates for different type of requests.
    • Send ad hoc surveys; the survey need not be associated to a request.
    • Send surveys periodically; in predefined intervals, such as once after 2 weeks or 4 months.
    • Configure different answers for different questions. Find these features at Admin >> User Survey. To learn more about this features. Refer to this.
  • SDF-63939 : Custom Scripts in BR: Option to invoke custom scripts in business rules. You can use this to completely abort operations or update field values (like additional field value). Find the feature at Admin >> Organization Details >> Business Rules. Click here to know more.
  • SDF-31605 , SDF-62977 , SDF-63517 : Request status is given under business rule criteria.
  • SDF-61713 , SDF-61890 , SDF-62294 , SDF-63690 : Business view: Option to view and manage the saved relationship maps of CIs from one place.

    Find the feature in CMDB > Business view. Click here to know more.

  • SDF-68798 : Chat enhancements: Option to interact easily with fellow technicians using the inbuilt chat. Click here to learn more.
  • SDF-65490 : User merge tool : Option to merge duplicate requesters. Find the feature at Admin >> Users >> Requesters. Click here to learn more.
  • SDF-65398 : Task custom filter: Option to create custom task filters.
  • SDF-51449 : Additional fields for Projects: Capture different types of alphanumeric information about your projects by adding different types of fields
  • SDF-71757 : Project Dashboard: Get projects related key information displayed in the dashboards page. Include project related widgets to display key information on the dashboard page. Click here to know more.
  • SDF-71758 : Enhanced comments for projects/milestones/tasks: Notify users in comments by using ‘@ mentions’; For e.g., use @John to notify John. Click here to know more.
  • SDF-49791 : Global search for projects: Find projects easily by using keywords, and also column fields, such as Priority, Owner, and other column heads in the global search.
  • SDF-50361 : Multiple associations between projects and changes: Streamline the change or project process by associating multiple changes to a project and multiple projects to a change. Click here to know more.
  • SDF-50266 : Project template creation made easy: Create project templates from already existing projects, saving the redundant effort involved in creating a project template similar to an existing template.
  • SDF-55327 : Notifications for comments: Option to have bell icon notifications for comments added on projects.
  • SDF-56887 : Option to customize the project list in the project list view.
  • SDF-63244 : “Estimated Effort” column included in the custom report for Tasks.
  • SDF-23878 :Created time for tasks: Option to view the created time of tasks.
  • SDF-63515 : Personalized task filters will remain specific to each module (Homepage, requests, changes, problems, and projects).
  • SDF-63674 , SDF-63961 : Purchase order enhancements: Option to create a purchase order for non-asset purchases such as training and services. Find the feature at Admin >> Purchase/Contract Management >> Vendor Services. Click here to know more.
  • SDF-28658 : Resource state enhancements – Option to add custom asset state with the ability to enable/disable scan for assets in those states. Option to enable ownership for assets in these custom states. Find the feature at Admin >> Asset Management >> Asset State. Click here to know more.
  • SDF-70727 : Collapsible tabs introduced in header and sub-header of the application to avoid unnecessary scrolling.
  • SDF-71169 : Support for ‘Lithuanian’ language in ServiceDesk Plus.
  • SDF-70397 : Support for ‘Greek’ language in ServiceDesk Plus.
  • SDF-70722 : Community page inside the application sports a new look.


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Nuevas funcionalidades en la v.9404 de Service Desk. RGPD “ready”

by Administrator 5. April 2018 16:51

La nueva actualización de Service Desk gestiona los datos personales del usuario (técnicos y usuarios finales) de acuerdo a la nueva regulación RGPD (GDPR en ingles). En el modulo de solicitudes, se pueden marcar todos los datos que contienen información personal identificable, facilitando de esta forma el trabajo al administrador para identificar que datos con información personal son almacenados y recopilados en SDP. Ademas, cuando un usuario ejerce su derecho de olvido, los administradores pueden anonimizar los usuarios borrados y borrar sus datos de la aplicación.

Otras nuevas funcionalidades:

  • PM Tasks for Service Request – Plan your preventive maintenance tasks well in advance for service requests as well.

    Find the feature in Admin >> Organizational Details >> Preventive Maintenance Tasks.

  • Custom Trigger Enhancements
    • Execute custom trigger actions for requests that contain replies and for approved/rejected requests.
    • Groups defined under other sites are now listed under criteria.
    • Requester name, sites and technician will now be listed under criteria.
    • Create triggers without any criteria.

    Find the feature under Admin >> Custom Trigger >> Execute Actions.

  • Technician Homepage Enhancements – Customize technician’s home page by adding/organizing widgets, and changing the layout and background color.

    Find the feature under Home >> Customize.

  • Export Requests – Select and export requests right from the list view, in various formats.

    Find the feature under Requests >> Actions.

  • Organize Request Catalog – Easily sequence the templates under the request catalog to suit your requirements.

    Find the feature in Admin >> Service Catalog >> Reorder.

  • Scribble Pad – Make simple, hurried notes in a jiffy using the all-new inbuilt scribble pad.

    Find the feature at the top right corner of the header pane.

  • HTML Editor Enhancements – Edit email notification content as HTML and use $ to add variables to the content.

    Find the feature at Admin >> Notification Rules >> Customise template >> Edit HTML.

  • Health Meter – Assess your application’s health metrics in just a glance from the community tab.

    Find the feature under Community >> Health Meter.

  • Unified Notification Rules – Customize and configure notification rules across modules under a single roof.

    Find the feature under Admin >> Organisation Details >> Notification Rules.

  • Admin Search Enhancement – Experience the enhanced admin search functionality with the categorically listed searched items.

    Find the feature in the Admin section.

  • AMS Renewal – Be notified of the subscription expiry and apply for its renewal, right from the application.

    Find the feature under Technician Profile >> Get your new AMS.


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Service Desk Plus build 9316

by Administrator 3. August 2017 11:25

New Features

  • SDF-65167: Request List View Enhancements: Mark request filters as favorite, resize request columns, and view tasks and requests in a single page.
  • SDF-67564: Revamped request history: Option to filter and sort history details of a request using various fields such as status, priority, mode, impact, and level.
  • SDF-42517: Option to automatically close a request when approval is denied – i.e, if the approval status of a request is changed to the “Denied” state. This configuration can be done in Admin >> Request Closing Rules.
  • SDF-65212: Option to merge service requests.
  • SDF-65393: Email reply gets auto merged as conversation based on email header (in-reply-to header). This feature is enabled by default .It can be disabled through the Globalconfig Table in the database. [Parameter=AppendOnRequestReferences].
  • SDF-63883: Live Chat for Users: Allow requesters to have a quick chat with technicians easily.
  • SDF-65278: Advanced analytics integration for ServiceDesk Plus now offers reports and dashboards on change management module. In this update you will get-
    • An overview of upcoming and in-progress changes.
    • Insight into the CAB approval process.
    • Change management dashboard, CAB approval dashboard, business impact analysis and much more.

    Also, Request – MultiSelect additional fields are supported.

  • SDF-28592: Refer settings of one site for configuring another site. Referring site follows the settings of the chosen site. Admin >> Sites >> New/Edit Site.
  • SDF-65039: Option to configure the base delimiter. Admin >> Mail Server settings >> Delimiter.
  • Note: By default, the base delimiter is ## and delimiter for each module is Request-RE, Change-CH, Problem-PB, Project-PJ, Solution-SO, Task-TA, PurchaseOrder-PO, PurchaseRequest-PR, and Contract-CO.
  • SDF-67252 : Scan status with troubleshooting steps will be displayed in details page of SNMP devices too.
  • SDF-51608: Option to list users who are deleted in the active directory. From this list, users can be deleted either manually or automatically.
  • Note: Deleted user data from the remote server cannot be transferred to the central server.


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Analítica avanzada para su service desk

by Administrator 22. November 2016 12:37

La nueva herramienta de análisis de datos para Service Desk Plus, Manage Engine Analytics Plus, permite entender mucho mejor los datos de la gestión del servicio IT. Aunque nuestro foco se centra en su integración con Service Desk Plus, la nueva herramienta de análisis también se integra con Applications Manager y con OPManager y obviamente además de con Service Desk Plus con SupportCenter.

Hay una demo real en esta dirección y merece la pena pasar unos minutos viendo los informes que se generan.

Si desea mas información o integrar con su instalación actual de Service Desk Plus póngase en contacto con nosotros!

Más info:

Vídeos explicativos donde poder ver la herramienta y funcionalidades


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El roadmap de Service Desk Plus

by Administrator 18. February 2016 18:54

Casi apunto de aparecer en la nueva release:

  • Importación de proyectos de Microsoft Project.
  • Actualizacion de la maquina java y de Tomcat
  • API Rest para el modulo de Soluciones
  • Personalización de la home page de la web de autoservicio.
  • Importación de relaciones de CI de una hoja de cálculo.
  • Opciones de filtrado personalizadas para el módulo de Proyectos.
  • Opción de personalizar y añadir campos adicionales en el log de trabajo

Interesante URL del fabricante donde informa de las nuevas funcionalidades que están a punto de aparecer y las que están en fase de test o de diseño.

Anuncio de nuevas releases


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Lo último de Service Desk Plus

by Administrator 29. January 2016 13:08

20 enero 2016

versión 9121

todos los parches que han aparecido en

Nuevas características del producto incluídas –además de parches-:

New Features in 9115 (Released on: 05 Nov, 2015)
  • SDF-56931 : Option to configure change roles in change template.
  • SDF-60858 : Enhancement in Request List View where the "due by" time and "due in" time can be viewed by enabling the SLA Column. Option to view the template type (service/incident) under "Template type" column.
  • SDF-39294 : keyboard shortcuts for various operations under request module
New Features in 9113 (Released on: 20 Oct, 2015)
  • SDF-61083 : Adding conditional approvers for a request, through custom triggers.
  • SDF-61086 : Announcement integration between ServiceDesk Plus and DesktopCentral. Option to notify active announcements added / updated in ServiceDesk Plus to user through DesktopCentral agent.
  • SDF-61106 : Enhancement in 'Admin' user interface for easy access to various configurations along with 'Search' option.
  • SDF-60984 : 'Login Page Customization' enhancement -After applying this hotfix it requires just one time customization and later on the changes will remain permanently. Refer the help document for more details. Users who have already customised their login page can make use of this hotfix and customize it permanently.
  • SDF-60083 : 'Custom Trigger', a plugin to execute custom script/class is provided for Change Module.
  • SDF-58836 : Option to associate multiple assets to a request.
  • SDF-49693 : Tracking manual changes in CI History.
  • SDF-60143 : Addition of Product Overview Portal that provides an overview of various modules and their key features in one place through videos
  • SDF-57024 : Ability to search user / department / site in assign owner section of assets
New Features in 9108 (Released on: 14 Sep, 2015)
  • SDF-35346 : Requesters will be notified when 'ticket owners' reply by email.
  • SDF-58676 : 'Task Filter' has been added for tasks under Request, Problem, Change, Project and Milestones.
  • SDF-58750 : 'Service Level Agreements' configuration feature, is provided for 'Change' module.
Features in 9107 (Released on: 03 Sep, 2015)
  • SDF-59913 : Additional Fields can be configured as 'common' for both incident and service requests.
Features in 9106 (Released on: 31 Aug, 2015)
  • SDF-60445 : Enhancements on Field & Form Rules feature.
    • Support for date type fields are added.
    • Support for Service Catalog Resources are added.
    • Template tasks can be set or unset using Custom Scripts,based on criteria.
    • Script Editor is enhanced to support auto-completion and display errors and warnings. Use CTRL+SPACE key for auto-completion.
  • SDF-59769 : Enhancements on Mail Fetching option, a mechanism to fetch outstanding mails in mail box at that instance of mail fetching, instead of fetching 20 mails per minute. Once all the mails at that instance get fetched, next schedule will be enabled.
  • SDF-58430, SDF-60422 : Zoho Reports Integration Enhancements:
    • Zoho Reports Integration is now named as 'Advanced Analytics' in SDP.
    • Sub Category field will also be populated into Zoho Reports.
    • Added '12 Hours' and '24 Hours' options in "Periodic Data Synchronization". Default value is changed from 10 hours to 12 hours.
    • Displaying the number of times 'Instant Sync' is invoked.
    • Pushing the SDP-Zoho Reports integration error into's (Integration Error DB).


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Meytel ISO 20000-1:2005

by Administrator 14. December 2011 13:24

Ha sido duro e intenso pero al final lo hemos conseguido. Hemos certificado:

Mantenimiento de desarrollo de software, soporte de servicios administrados y gestionados y servicios gestionados de streaming.



iso 20000

Sobre Meytel