How to be able to make external calls with Lync for Mac (Communicator for Mac 2011)

by Administrator 14. July 2011 09:48

Imagine you have all your Lync infraestructure prepared. Imagine you know there is a wonderful Mac client. Imagine you cannot make external calls (after you have your wonderful SIP infraestructure built). There is a solution!!

You will have to make use of Adsiedit. Once you have adsiedit installed it, log in the AD.

In our case DC=ACME OU=Sharepoint OU=CEOS CN=Cesar (the CEO).


click on properties

and in the Attribute Editor go to the telephoneNumber attribute and fill in the phone number with the E.164 format. (Please do not mass call Cesar Sonrisa)


Then you can just wait for the AD to refresh or you can force this on the Lync Management Shell (do this in the Lync Server, not in the Edge or the Mediation).

Type: Update-CsAddressBook

Then if you go to the Lync Event Viewer on that server you should see the query has executed correctly, like this


Then go to the Mac and exit Lync (Communicator for Mac 2011). Open it again and….

you will go from this  image  to this image

or in Spanish


more about this (I just missed the adsiedit thing), and also credit for their wonderful work:


lync | communicator for mac 2011

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