Nueva release de Service Desk Plus, SDP 9101

by Administrator 10. July 2015 09:25

Además de los bugs solucionados, nuevas funcionalidades, algunas de ellas buenisimas, como por ejemplo el sugerir automaticamente en el email de contestacion a la petición del usuario, una solución a su incidencia y las actuaciones en el sistema que haya planeadas en ese momento.

El upgrade es estable –verificado-.

Nuevas caracteristicas en esta version:

Features in 9101
·         SDF-56913, SDF-56916, SDF-57063, SDF-57337: Closure Rules of the Change Request is now 
mandated stagewise i.e while completing each stage.
·         SDF-56581: Auto populating change requester field while creating a Change Request from 
Incident Request.
·         SDF-40167: In homepage , CAB Change Approvals will be shown again, if recommendation 
is sent again.
·         SDF-56875: Request mail for CAB recommendations is now added to 'Change History'.
·         SDF-57122: Option to mark the field 'Status Comments' as mandatory or not, by configuring 
the same in a given Change Template.
·         SDF-57233: Display the status notifications details when Stage/Status is changed.
·         SDF-20953, SDF-46087, SDF-57686, SDF-58439: In Request, the content in main description, 
conversation and notification will be shown ,even if the content is more than 64K.
·         SDF-59519: REST API Documentation tool which gives the option to try different REST API.
·         SDF-59310: "Approvers" column in Solution List View which would show the most recent set of 
approvers for a pending solution.
·         SDF-59360: Search for solutions, if the user enters space after the word to be searched.
·         SDF-59311: Status for solutions imported from XLS cannot be Approved/Rejected, if the logged 
in user does not have the permission to approve solutions.
·         SDF-59896: Suggestions of announcements and solutions will be sent in Requester's 
acknowledgement mail when a new Incident Request is created. This is regardless of the mode of 
creation-Web Form/ E-Mail/ E-mail command/ API/ Mobile applications/ Mobile clients.
·         Note: After upgrading, enable the "Acknowledge requester by e-mail when a new request is 
received" under Admin->Notification Rules. Also, include the $AutoSuggest token in the 'Customize 
Template' section and save it.
·         SDF-60160: Asset Cost Enhancements: key cost values like operational cost, total cost of 
ownership, current book value are made available in asset's list view and reports.
·         SDF-58758: Notifications on asset warranty expiry and asset expiry to technicians can be 
configured under Admin tab -->Notification rules.



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